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About Us - Brodia

Brodia Media & Network is an Indian Leading mass media company based in Bihar, India. Brodia has conglomerate of print, electronic & digital media. Our core range of products & services that truly empowering and transforming the business growth. Company Motto & Tagline: "Empowering To Future For The New Era". “Brodia” (ब्रॉडिया) Commonly Known As Brodia Media & Network Private Limited. We power some of the print & digital platforms.

Founded 2 year's ago, BRODIA is today India's leading multimedia news agency with over 10 bureaus in India. Our growth has been fulfilled by the desire to satisfy the essential human need for knowledge and knowledge , which we've done so with truth, credibility, quality and speed as our guiding principles.

We provide interesting and detailed material to every class of readers every day to meet every other important necessities of life including education, health, employment, religion-spirituality, science-technical, political literature, business and sports. Experts' views and analysis on every movement from distant world events to his own city are also available here.

Our range of products encompass loosely edited news feeds and customized programs for television channels, audio bytes for radio stations, live web casting and streamed multimedia / text content for websites and mobile carriers, and news wire services for newspapers, magazines and websites.

We offer's education, television, radio, online shopping, music, events, Advertising & marketing, business promotion, sales promotion, printing, and publishing services. Brodia Media & Network serves customers in India and abroad.


Chandan Kumar Dwivedi

Chandan Kumar Dwivedi

CEO, Founder & Director

Rajeev Ranjan Dwibedi

Rajeev Ranjan Dwibedi

CFO & Group MD


Abhishek Kumar Dwivedi

MD & Editor-In-Chief